Katy Kura
Katy Kura is a female Aquos Brawler, who uses Cyborg Type Bakugans. Her Guardian Bakugan is Blizzron!


Katy Kura was born into a rich family. Her dad and mom had jobs that paid a lot of money. Katy don't seem to act like a snot nose brat. She was 10 when the Card flew from the sky. She now brawls with people she doesn't know. Her father worked on Portals from New Vestroia and Earth. One day, he succeeded and Katy was the one to test it. IT WAS A SUCCESS! When she was testing it she found a Bakugan named Blizzron! He was an Aquos Bakugan. He seemed to be really nice to Katy. When she returned, her father asked her about her journey. And her answer was, "AWESOME!"

Bakugan CollectionEdit


  • Blizzron :: 700 G
  • Elico :: 500 G
  • Siege :: 360 G

Gate Cards

  • Aquos Reactor: Aquos Bakugan gain 200Gs
  • Triple Battle: You may add another bakugan to the battle
  • Bio Hazard: Undos your opponents last move

Ability Cards

  • Gaia Luze: Every Bakugan goes back to its base level and opponent cannot activate abilities due to Elico's attribute change.
  • Acurus: Transfer 400G from opponents bakugan to Elico
  • Myth-ran Judge:Increase Elico's power level by 300G and Blocks your opponents from using ability cards.special and fusion abilities are excluded from this effect.
  • Trick World: Use your Elico to drop your opponents bakugan's power level to 0G
  • Drill Blow: Adds 300 Gs to Elico and subrtacts 100 Gs from the each opponent.
  • Flash Freeze: Negates all of opponents ability card and adds 200G to Elico
  • Scramble Zwei: Doubles Elico's base power level and subtracts 400 Gs from the opponent bakugan.
  • Tsunami Wave: If you have three Aquos Bakugan, it defeats all Bakugan except for Siege.
  • Water Refrain: Prevents the opponent from using abilities for a short time.
  • Aqua Jet: Nullify an ability, then add 300 Gs to Blizzron.
  • Turbo Aqua: Nullify the Gate Card, then transfer 200 Gs from the opponent Bakugan to Blizzron.
  • Aquos Chain Combo: Add 300 Gs to Blizzron for each Bakugan on the Gate Card.
  • Aqua Switch: Change the Gate Card to your Gate Card.
  • Aqua Strength: Match your G-Power with your opponent, then transfer 300 Gs from your opponent Bakugan to Blizzron.
  • Aquos Canon Shot: Increase Blizzron power level by 300G, and prevent the opponents from using regular Abilities.
  • Aqua Reflect: Reflect your opponent ability, but double the damage.

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