Kara Sakurai is the daughter of Nate and Klara and Sado's girlfriend.


Born on June 16th 2042. At the age of 12 she hated playing bakugan because they would get hurt. She never battled until she was part of the fight against Fear which caused the disruption of time itself. She battled with all her force and was very vicious. Taka even commented he had never seen her like this before.

Bakugan (Does not battle unless needed)Edit

(Guardian) Aquos Wave Elfin:900 Gs

Aquos Skyress:800 Gs

Aquos Juggernoid:500 Gs

Aquos Tentaclair:500 Gs


She is very kind and peaceful. She has a dark side though. In a battle she becomes vicious and loses control. She loses all thought to her friends safety. She even says at the end of the battle that she has no memory of what happened.

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