Jim is villainous, he lives on A Vestroia.


Jim appeared on A Vestroia on day, from Earth, no one knows how. He soon met Prickley. He also wants take over A Vestroia. Jim's personality is questionable, and he enjoys ticking off Rec, which lead to him being punched in the face twice.

A StoryEdit

Jim met Recgameboy, Monarus, Harpus, Chihuamax, and Birdagon in a desert, where he quickly became an enemy of Rec. He then teamed up with Prickley for a final fight against the A Vestroia Heroes, who weren't yet heroes. He and Prickley both lost.

A Story IIEdit

A year after Prickley's defeat, and Monarus and Rec are talking about what he was telling her before Birdagon interrupted them, in the previous year. While trying to figure out what to do, Birdagon suggested a race. Outside Ventus Village, all the Bakugan suddenly turned into their ball forms. It was then revealed that Prickley, Jim, and Sklash did this. Jim then challenges Rec and Monarus to a brawl, but Rec decides to face him alone. After the battle they try to figure out how to stop Prickley, Jim, and Sklash, who then throws a smoke bomb inside, knocking our heroes unconscious, upon waking up, Rec notices that Monarus is missing, he is then filled with rage, and vows to kill Sklash, Prickley, and Jim.

A Story III Edit

In the final of the A Sotry II, Jim has died, together with Prickley and Sklash, being killed by Rec. Jim appears being the spirit of the dead, during Crystal's presence.

A Story IV Edit

He returns from his death, he is resurrected by the dark ability card "Dark Resurrection Dimension", in episodes 4 and 5 of "Bakugan: Mechtanium Knights".



  • In the Guarrdians Trilogy Blaze says to Kyle, "What game are you playing" Kyle looked at him and said "Soul Calibur, This character looks a lot like Jim!"
  • Jim is the spirit of the dead one in A Story III.
  • Jim works to Jinx and her 5 friends of an omega team, in BMK series.


Opponent Outcome
Rec (Actual Fight) Win
Rec, Monarus, and others (With Prickley) Lose
Rec Tie
Jinx and Omega Hydranoid (With Prickley) Lose
Dan Kuso and Drago (With Jinx, Prickley and Omega Hydranoid) Lose

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