„I...I...I am Jetskill...!„

-The first, single and last time Jetskill ever speaked

Jetskill (Jetiosakariur) is a deadly mechanical bakugan created by Gundalians.


Jetskill is a jet/hover like mechanical bakugan created by Gundalias whit purpose of stealing all elements from earth Bakugans.Every earth bakugan was defeated by him excepting Drago that defeated him everytime.



-Attribute:Mainly Ventus,subterra, aquos and ventus in some attacks.

-Evolutions:Turbo Jetskill, Superturbo Jetskill, Jetskill Colossus.

  • Jetkill Taboo:Takes 500 G from every enemy bakugan and transfers it to Jetskill.
  • Jetkill 37 V40:Decreases the g power of an opponent whit the same attribute(s) to 200.
  • Jet Rakia (Jetkill Rakaia):Nullifies the ability of the opponent.
Fusion AbilitiesEdit
  • Zukanator Kill:Nullifies all abilities of the opponent.


  • One of his abilities (Zukanator Kill) implies the name of a NV and GI Battle gear, Zukanator.

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