This is a list of cards owned by Jason in the story. Cards that are unique to Bakugan are not included in this list.

Gate CardsEdit

  • Open Field: A silver Gate Card, Darkus Bakugan gain 130 Gs, while Aquos and Ventus only gain 70. That is all the information available.
  • Dimensional Rift: A gold Gate Card. All Bakugan gain 150 Gs, but the players Bakugan gets a double boost from the card.

Darkus CardsEdit

  • Phantom Shift: Negates an opponent's ability and transfers 200 Gs to a Darkus Bakugan you control, and then negates the next card played in the game, regardless of who plays it. You must already have a Darkus Bakugan on the Field and a Used ability card to play this.
  • Stygian Swarm: Effect unconfirmed.
  • Rapid Darkus: If Fear Ripper is in play, add a Darkus Bakugan to the field.
  • Darkness Before Dawn: Transfers 200 Gs from an opponent to a Darkus Bakugan

Darkus Fusion AbilitiesEdit

  • Double Darkus: If there's two Darkus Bakugan in play, no ability cards can be played until the gate card is opened.
  • Darkus Advanced Strike: Decreases an opponent's G-Power by 100 and adds 150 to a Darkus in play. Has an unknown secondary effect.

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