Janet Surrow
Janet surrow
Gender Female
Attribute Pyrus Attribute
Guardian Pyrus Lumagrowl
Other Bakugan {{{other_bakugan}}}

Janet Surrow is the older adopted sister of Zenet, and is part of Ren's team to infiltrate Bakugan Interspace. She has weird dreams that are maybe visions of past or future events, and she's a mixture of Gundalian and another unknown race. She is a Pyrus brawler from Gundalia and is partnered up with Pyrus Lumagrowl.


She is a teenager with an orange ribbon in her rainbow colored hair. She wears a white tank top and black jeans.

Gundalian Form: She rarely ever reverts to her Gundalian form, because her transformation looks way different from the other Gundalians', and is afraid they will make fun of her of her looks.


Janet in her Gundalian form

Mechtaium surge:

Personality Edit

Gundalian Invaders:

Sweet, kind, Not afraid of the Neathians but hates Fabia. She likes to think and seperates from her group in order to concentrate. When she sleeps or is awake she gets these weird dreams that shows the past or the future or the present. She has a crush on Ren and Jesse of the gundalien team to infiltrate Bakugan Interspace. She's also a brave brawler not afraid to face any opponent without a fight.

Mechtaium surge:

Changes from Gundalien invaders she complains alot about the chaos bakugan coming into Gundaliea and she's not afraid of what others think about her Gundalien transformation anymore. She transformed into her gundalien form and fought with Metal Lumagrowl.

Story Edit

Gundalian Invaders:

In Part 1' 'she had a vision of her battle with Dan Kuso, then Later Janet and Ren was paired up to go to Bakugan Interspace and went looking for the Battle Brawlers.

In part 2 Janet and ren gave Marucho the Phantom data they need to create Bakugan Interspace for everyone.

In Part 3 Janet and Lumagrowl went back to Gundalia to get more information about the Visions she keeps having lately. Which they discovered from Kazarina were visions of the future, Janet also got Advise from Jesse Glenn to confront her dreams and maybe it will become clear to her before returning to Earth. When She and Pyrus Lumagrowl returned to Earth she said She doesnt like the fact Dan Kuso is the strongest brawler on Earth.


  • Janet's real home is not Gundalia and she was adopted into Zenet's family
  • Her Gundalian transformation is different from the other Gundalians
  • In Mechtaium Surge her personality changed from Gundalian Invaders
  • She cant stand Princess Fabia even when the war between Neathiea and Gundalia ended
  • She has a crush on Ren and Jesse but she seems to like Jesse more since she listens to him instead of Ren.
  • She is the only Gundalian with a tail and claws.
  • She may be dating Jesse in Mechtanium Surge

Gallery Edit

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