Izibanoid is a bakuflip ventus Bakugan with a ripcord and 970 Gs. most of his abilities start with white. when he is darkus he has horns instead of ears, although he bears some difference from helix drago because he only has 1 horn on his tail, not 3


white wing:adds 500 gs to lzibanoid.

white tornado: subtracts 500 gs from the opponent

shadow doom: adds 300 gs and switches to darkus

spin shield: nullifies the opponents ability. if opponents ability is close range, like the kind that you have to be touching, then insted - 550 gs from opponent

white/crystaline whip: special ability, - 300 gs from opponent for each gate card used, if darkus - 700 from opponent

stealth strike: changes to stealth



  • when he uses white tornado he goes far up, like aluse does
  • he can still use his ventus abilities when darkus
  • white crystaline whip does not sound that cool, because it is white whip when ventus, and crystaline whip when other
  • white tornado has sometimes been called blue, because of the blue shockwave in the background
  • he has been seen with light green ears

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