Ian Monroe
Gender Male
Attribute Pyrus Attribute
Guardian Angim
Other Bakugan Amphitheron

Ian Monroe is a quiet, friendly Pyrus brawler. His Bakugan partner is Pyrus Angim and his best friend is the Aquos brawler, Nate Grasse. He seems to talk more to Bakugan than other people.

Bakugan: AccelerationEdit

Ian watched the brawl between Nate and Hideaki, but he interrupted it when he hear a scream and ran to check it out. The other two brawlers and Sayuri followed him. They found the dying alien named Jow, who gave Ian his Pyrus Bakugan, Amphitheron. This Bakugan later told them go to Earth and take him with them, because he said it would be much safer.


  • Pyrus Angim
  • Pyrus Amphitheron (taken from Jow when he died)

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