Hydra Horridian is an evolution of Horridian and one of Ledius's Bakugan. Instead of 3 heads, he has 9. He first appears in Chapter 2 of Bakugan: Darkness Rising.

G-Power: 1300


Hydra Horridian is a Darkus dog-like Bakugan with nine heads. He is the Bakugan that Ledius uses most when brawling in Interspace. He enjoys crushing his opponents as much as Ledius, and they work well together. However, sometimes his heads will get into fights with each other, much to the displeasure of Ledius.


Ninefold Darkhound:

End Gaurdner Omega: Splits Hydra Horridian into 9 parts.

Reverse Flux Power Screen: Negates the effect of abilities and sends the attack back on the user.

Trisquare Tailwhip:

More to come.

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