Holo Munikis
複製 -4979750778216
Attribute Darkus
Power 640 Gs
Variations Destroy Munikis
Zero Munikis
Holo Munikis
Zeta Munikis
First Appearance
Voiced by Reyn Robinson
Bakugan Form

Holo Munikis (Hollow Munikis (幻(ホロ)ムニキス Horo Munikisu)) is the Guardian Bakugan of Raichi Kuronashi & the evolution of Zero Munikis in the fanfictional series Bakugan: Tech Brawlers. Sometime later on, he evolves into Zeta Munikis in Bakugan Tech Brawlers - The Tavanel Cup.



Bakugan: Tech BrawlersEdit


Hollow Munikis is equipped with the Tech Bakugan Convert System that he has two Full Moon Normal Crosses as his arm armors & two Mugen Metal Soles. On his Crosses, there are lines & hollows called Full Moon Lines & Full Moon Circles respectively, which facilitate Curve Shoot of both left & right sides.

Hollow Munikis has unusual color combination in Darkus which has purple as his main color & red as his highlight.

Pentagon ParameterEdit

Holo Munikis's Pentagon Parameter
Attack Defense Occupy Force Control Stand Force Total

70% (7/10)

70% (7/10) 50% (5/10) 80% (8/10) 80% (8/10) 70% (35/50)

Gate Card(s)Edit

Ability Card(s)Edit

Fusion Ability Card(s)Edit


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