Hideaki Sakimoto
Gender Male
Attribute Haos Attribute
Guardian Lakatar
Other Bakugan Kuziell, Reyshu

Hideaki is a Haos brawler and his partner is Haos Lakatar. He is optimistic and loves to brawl, and he gets along with Lakatar quite well despite their differences in personality. He is good friends with Sayuri Akemura.

Bakugan: AccelerationEdit

Hideaki brawled Nate Grasse in Bakugan Interspace while his friend Sayuri watched but was losing 1-2 when Nate's friend, Ian, interrupted the brawl, due to him hearing someone scream. The four of them find a dying alien who drops a Pyrus Bakugan. Later, Ian takes out his Bakugan, who wakes up and explains that his name is Amphitheron and the alien's name was Jow. The brawlers head back to Earth upon Amphitheron's request.




  • Energy Spike
  • Flash Forward


  • Shining Rain
  • Volta Hype

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