Summary:Sigma Helios finds a toy and won't share it with Omega

(I knew this connects to something in the real world)thumb|300px|right

Chapter 1 'Broken Friendship'Edit

(Helios comes over to Omega in the backyard holding a trash covered toy)

Helios:Hey Omega look what I found.

Omega:What is it?

Helios:It's one of those new BakuMorphs. I found it in the dumpster at the neighbors house.

Omega:Can I play with it?


Omega:Why not?

Helios:Because I found it and it is mine.

Omega:Come on!!!

Helios:Shut up!!!

Omega:Just let me play with it!!!


Omega:If you won't share with me then we aren't friends anymore

(Play the video at this point as you read)


Omega:You heard me!!!

(He goes into the house)

Helios:But.....fine then!!!!!

(Helios manages to tear open the toy's old packaging and begins to play with it)

Omega:That guy is a selfish jerk


(Helios' voice begins to soften and grow boring)

Helios:This is boring!! It is better with someone to play with.

(He goes into the house)

Chapter 2 'Friendship rekindled...not!!!'Edit

Helios:Omega I want you to play with me.

Omega:You had your chance but it is gone now.



(He goes up the stairs to Sado's room and locks the door with a bakugan sized lever)

Helios:Come on!!!!!

Omega:Shut up!!!

(Helios goes back into the backyard and begins to play with the toy again)

Helios:I wish I had not been so selfish.

(Omega uses a bakugan sized switch to open the window)

Omega:Hey Helios!!!

Helios:What!?! :3

Omega:Take this!!!

(He throws a rotten banana peel on Helios)


(Gamma Drago walks bye and begins a nelson impression)

Gamma:HA HA!!!!

Helios:Shut up!!!

Gamma:Ok. What's going on?

(Naga Skyress comes over)

Naga Skyress:Yes.What is going on?

Helios:I was selfish and Omega stopped being my friend.

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