Helen Rika
Helen R
Gender Female
Attribute Aquos Attribute
Guardian Aquos Kyogre
Other Bakugan ventus Shaymin

Helen Rika lives with her mom and Dad, in the same town with Dan and the rest of the main brawlers. She's the only girl that never had a Bakugan and never learned how to Brawl using one. Later she becomes a good brawler able to beat the vexos with the help of the main brawlers. She is also a half-Vestal who is in Love with Shadow Probe of the vexos. Her bakugan is Aquos Kyogre who evolves to LilyKyogre to AngelKyogre then in Mechtanium Surge to TyloKyogre. In Mechtanium Surge she lived in Vestal and works for Spectra Phantom.


New Vestroia: She had blue hair, Blue ribbion and blue t-shirt and a white skirt she also has black sneakers to (match her Aquas attribute). Later she dyed her hair pink cause she didnt like the blue hair look anymore.

Gundalian Invaders: She has a pink tank top, pink hair with a white ribbion holding it back, Pink and white skirt and blue sneakers.

Mechtanium Surge: She has a blue t-shirt, still has the same hair color from New Vestroia, wears tight Blue jeans and white sneakers.

Helen's themeEdit

I wont lose!

thumb|300px|right|Helen's theme (not my video)


"Bakugan Stage on Kyogre!" (when Helen is about to Brawl)

"why are you telling me all this?" (to Shadow Probe in New Vestroia)

"Dan Kuso is that you?!" (in Mechtanium Surge when she's see's Dan Kuso again)

"HIYA Dan!" (In second Mechtanium Surge arc)


  • She's the first and only Half Vestal on Earth
  • She is a leader of a Gym in vestal to train Bakugan and Brawlers at their best
  • She's now the Top Aqous brawler in vestal due to the defeat of the Vexos
  • She's the girlfriend of Shadow Probe and has been dating him since New vestroia.
  • Shadow often calls her Shorty which annoys her.
  • After the first Mechtaium Surge arc, it seems she has a crush on Spectra/Keith Clay, since lately she cant stop talking about him and gets annoyed at him.
  • Despite being a Aqous Brawler she cant swim and she is afraid of the water.

Gallery Edit

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