BMK Hawktor Stand
General Information
Bakugan Type Hawktor
Attribute Ventus
Power Level 1200g
Evolutions None
Voice Actor Brian Froud
First Appearance The Invasion of Kha'rall

Hawktor is a Ventus Hawktor from Neathia in Bakugan: Mechtanium Knights. He is Liam Gwynn's Guardian Bakugan.


Hawktor is a very calm battler, much like his Partner. They both would rather make a plan of attack than rush into a battler. However, this doens't mean that their battlers are dull. Quite the contrary, as demonstrated when Liam and Hawktor surprise their opponents with tricky plays and gimmicky moves.

Lukas' VersionEdit

Add your stuff here Lukas:

Hawktor's first appearance in "Bakugan: Mechtanium Knights" is in the episode 6 "The Invasion of Kha'rall".

- by Lukas


Hawktor looks exactly how he did in the Anime.

Battle DetailsEdit

Current Power Level: 1200g

Ability CardsEdit

  • Birds Eye - Twister Fang - Add 500g to Hawktor and negate two Abilities by Opponent.
  • Hawk Fang - Sky Dance - Transfer 300g to Hawktor
  • Ninja Defense - Wild Wind Dance - Negates the Opponent's Ability.
  • Fly Fang - Hyper Storm -
  • Bolting Fang - Slug Shot - Negates the Opponent's Ability and transfers 300 Gs from the Opponent to Hawktor.
  • Sky Fang - Cyclone Soar - Negates all of the Opponent's abilities.
  • Ninja Defense - Spiral Twister - Negates the Opponent's Ability and transfers 400 Gs from the Opponent to Hawktor.
  • Ninja Comet Streamer - Negates the Opponent's Gate Card.
  • Sky Fang - Thunder Starion - Subtracts 300 Gs from each Opponent.

Gate CardsEdit

  • Character Hawktor (Character)
  • Ventus Reactor (Command) - Add 300g to Ventus Bakugan.
  • Foggy Night (Command) - Changes Opponent Bakugan to Darkus Attribute.
  • Doom Sky (Command) - Opponent Ventus Bakugan have their Power Level dropped to 200g.
  • Feather Booster (Booster) - Add 400g to Ventus Bakugan
  • Geku Field (Specialty) - Links to Swayther and unlocks its Battle Gear Level Two Ability: Swayther Midnight Striker.



  • Silver Swayther

Mobile AssaultEdit

  • Ventus Hurrix

Battle SuitEdit

  • Ventus Defendrix


  • Ventus Silent Strike

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