Hawktor is the Guardian of Cole Kuso, and was given to Clash to help defeat Sado. He is shown to be the only Pyrus Hawktor.


Hawktor was the strongest Bakugan on Vestroia, until the worlds split and he was sent to A Vestroia. He met a Bakugan named Birdagon and they quickly became friends. Then a human name Jim arrived, and Hawktor had to leave. He was sent to earth and he met Cole. Cole treated him nicely. He gave him what Hawktor thinks is a Mansion, but is a birdcage, and a lot of food. Cole brawls with him a lot, and is shown to be incredibly powerful. His "best friend" Is MetalMan because they have nothing in common. He was given to Clash, to try to defeat Sado in Bakugan Wars, and is now in Shan Kazami's posession. Shan treats him well and is shown to be good friends with him. When Clash had him he changed his Attribute to Pyrus, and when Shan got him he changed him back to Ventus. He seems to know Shun Kazami, and doesn't talk much to other Bakugan except MetalMan.


  • Hawktor as Pyrus
  • Pyrus Hawktor Ball form
  • Hawktor Ventus Ball form
  • Hawktor Ventus Ball Form

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