Dapression Apollonir

Ventus Hawkeye

Ventus Hawkeye is the Guardian Bakugan to CC-1575 or Kamino. His Bakugan trap is Ventus Aerolite. His power level is 800. His rival is Subterra Bunker.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Ventus Striker- Adds 200 to Hawkeyes power level
  • Twin Ventus Striker- Adds 400 to Hawkeye
  • Burning Ventus- Cancels opponents ability
  • Ventus X- Ups Hawkeye by 1000 but only with Gigano X; Soaring Blades
  • Ventus Elemental Burst- Boost by 100
  • Giga Twister- Protects Hawkeye
  • Soaring Blade- Boost by 100
  • Soaring Blade Striker Slash- Boost by 300
  • Twin Soaring Stiker Slash- Boost by 100
  • Mega Hurricane- Nullifies gate card
  • Gigano X; Soaring Blades- Only use with Ventus X

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