Harley Hinode

Chara Harubaru02

First Appearance A New Kind of Brawl
Voiced by Logan Grove
Personal Information
Age 12
14 (Tavanel Cup)
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Alive
Faction Team Dragaon
Main Attribute Pyrus
Guardian Bakugan Dimension Dragaon

Harley Boron Hinode (original version: Harubaru Hinode (日ノ出 春晴) Hinode Harubaru) is the main protagonist in the fanfictional series Bakugan: Tech Brawlers. He is the partner & owner of Flare DragaonRaichi is Harley's friend. He later teamed up with Raichi, Cole Griff, & Shawn Griff to form Team Dragaon.


Harley is a preteen boy with flaming orange hair & green eyes. He wears a white fur-lined red jacket, yellow short pants, yellow socks, & red rubber shoes. Also, like his predecessor, Dan Kuso, he wears a pair of goggles on his head.

After the two-year time skip, Harley is now taller, & his hairstyle & outfit is similar to Harou Kido's.


Bakugan: Tech Brawlers Edit

The Bakugan-loving Protagonist. He uses the Pyrus attribute & his Guardian Bakugan is Flare Dragaon. He is hot-blooded & reckless at times. His childhood friend, Raichi, often helps him get out of sticky situations but the two are often regarded as moreover friendly rivals.

Though without the titles of Tech Brawler at the beginning, Harley was enthusiastic that he comforted Raichi who wanted to give up playing Bakugan. Finally, he & Raichi passed the test of Master Shimo & obtained their titles.

His Special Shooting Skills are "Flare Shoot," "Double Flare Shoot" & "Zigzag Flare Shoot."

Bakugan Tech Brawlers - The Tavanel Cup Edit


Bakugan: Tech Brawlers Edit

Bakugan Tech Brawlers - The Tavanel CupEdit


Bakugan: Tech BrawlersEdit

Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Raichi Kuronashi 1 Win
BB 2 Win
Sham (Tag with Raichi) 10 Win
Shachi & Hyou (Tag with Raichi) 12 Win
Atra 13 Win
Catol 17 Win
Harou Kido 19 Win

Bakugan Tech Brawlers - The Tavanel CupEdit


  • Harley's personality is comparable to that of Dan Kuso's during the first two seasons of Bakugan.
  • Harley's middle name is pronounced "Bor-uhn". 

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