Cleopatra is a Animal Bakugan name and design are derived from Nefertiti and the mythological sphinx. She is the Guardian Bakugan of Mariah Hunter and is her bestfriend.Unlike the Vexos Bakugan she was not born from there technology her home is New Vestroia. 

Ability cardsEdit

  • Rosetta Stone: Fires stone slabs from a light issuing from back. Her Powerlevel goes up 300gs.
  • Queen's Paw (Nile Jewelry): Fires jewels from the bracers on paws.
  • Beam of Isis[3] (Curse of Queen): Shoots beams of light from headdress.
  • Cat's eye beam: shoots beams from her eyes at the opponent her powerlevel goes up by 200gs. Also paralizes the opponent.
  • Spiral Cannon: Shoots a cannon from her back at the opponent. Adds 800gs to Cleopatra.


  • Just like her brawler she also resembles a cat, but she is just like a Sphinx.
  • She has a habit of calling Mariah a word "Princess", even though she's not of royalty.
  • As a Bakugan, she is identical as the Nefertimon from Digimon anime series, literally. But in the Bakugan ball form, she is just actually identical as the Blade Tigrerra, literally.
  • She also looks like the other sphinx bakugan such as Manion.