The three Gods are the most powerful Bakugan ever created, though there is much debate whether they are Bakugan or not.

The three are named

  • Nacarex the Beast, referred to as Nacarex.
  • Alocordoxx the Serpent, nicknamed Alco by Dan Kuso.
  • The Golden Dragon of Angonce, referred to as The Golden Dragon.


Secretly created by the Great Beings 480,000 years ago, the Gods remained in a remote temple until Makuta came to take an unknown object and enslave Vestroia.


All three share these effects:

  • They can only be used if the Guardian Bakugan is removed from the field.
  • Gate Card effects are negated
  • Mechanical Bakugan are immeadiatley destroyed.
  • Combining Bakugan to form more powerful ones, like Maxus Draganoid, is not permitted.

Nacarex and Alocordoxx each control a triple node. Nacarex uses Ventus-Subterra-Darkus, while Alocordoxx uses Pyrus-Aqous-Haos. The Golden Dragon, however, can use all six in the form of using his fellow God's ability cards, in addition to his own special powers, and is therefore the most powerful of the three.

Power Levels:

Nacarex and Alocordoxx: 1500 Gs, The Golden Dragon: 2500 Gs.

Note: Even though the name implies so, they are not gods. They are called so because they are the first of their kind and the most powerful.

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