Giga Drago is the form Omega Drago takes against Ssenkisc. It is his most powerful form and he transformed into it by him and Kyle's friendship and will to win. In the Final Battle when the Guardians defeated Virot Jade, Kyle wanted to talk to Omega alone, when Ssenkisc attacked and almost defeated Omega, but then evolved thinking of Kyle trapped outside the Orb Monster Dimension


Omega Drago's skin becomes imbued with green, black, and red hues. His limb muscles bulk until the veins are visible and visibly throbbing. His body itself begins to be covered in muscle protrusions and throbbing veins. The horn on his head grows incredibly long and lethally sharp. He grows 2 similar horns on his head that make his head sort of resemble that of a dragon's mixed with that of a Triceratops. His tail ends in a giant mace like club covered in impossibly sharp spikes. When he speaks his mouth moves and flames seem to gently come out of his mouth with each word.


Coming Soon

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