1. REDIRECT Please Delete: Template:Infobox CharacterGeoff is a Subterra brawler who is not willing to fight as much as Kurai. He feels compasion for all bakugan. He brawls with Rockyter, who he nicknames Rocky or The Rock.


Blaze was born on May 5th to Shun and Georgia Kazami. He followed in his father's footsteps and became a bakugan brawler at the age of 5. At the age of 7 he discovered Rockyter. He moved near the Guardians at the age of 15. Not much else is known about his early life.

One day, Geoff started losing his ranking, he went back up to the Rank 15. He became depressed and couldn't get his rank back. He met a mysterious 18 year old named Kurai who promised Geoff power in exchange for his help. It was a tough decision. Though, not knowing Kurai's true plans against Geoff's friends (the Guardians), Geoff accepted it and didn't find out until it was to late. He knew he couldn't turn back or he wouldn't have no one. Ever since then, Geoff has been shamefully fighting against the Guardians.


Geoff is very friendly when he isn't around Kurai. He fears Kurai, that's mostly why he serves him. Though, he a compasion for bakugan and will defend them. Geoff does not harm inocennt people and will even fight Kurai if he tries to harm inoccent people or inoccent bakugan. He only fights if there is a reason, but he does not like to fight and will not fight for power. He regrets joining Kurai because Kurai only wants power and will do anything for it.


  • Geoff has the personality of Volt (and a little of Shun) and he has reflexes like his father, Shun.
  • Geoff will betray Kurai in a future story (and he will rejoin the Guardians).