Gear Skyress is a variation of Skyress and a mechanical bakugan.


In ball form Gear Skyress is similar to Altair. The differences are the legs,the head is shaped like a Skyress,a shorter tail,more metallic coloring,and a button in the crevice the tail opens from. When the button is pressed Gear Skyress ejects 2 battle gear holes from the foot crevices,pops the front forward and 2 cannons come from it. It can then be connected to a bakugan and be used as a battle gear.

In bakugan form Gear Skyress resembles a robot Storm Skyress. When the battle gear function is activated in the anime version it flips its head inside and 2 cannons that resemble Boomixx eject on stilt like appendages from the back.



In chapter 15 of Bakugan Clones, Death battles Scrape and uses Gear Skyress to connect to Naga Skyress but they lose the battle after all of their effort


Gear Skyress only comes in Pyrus,Ventus,and Darkus. Pyrus has 600 Gs,Darkus has 550 Gs,and Ventus has 800 Gs. Pyrus and Darkus have 200 Gs as battle gear,and Ventus has 250 Gs as battle gear. It comes with a reference card that requires it be put into battle by replacing a 800 G bakugan of Pyrus,Darkus,or Ventus which depends on the attribute of the Gear Skyress being used. It has been released in Deka only as Ventus.


(When possible)


  • Gear Skyress has emotions unlike other Mechanical Bakugan
  • It can't stand unnecessary fights.

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