Gear Dragonoid is Omega Drago's battle gear and is a gear bakugan. It is a cyborg bakugan.


Ball formEdit

(This Gear bakugan is actually in 2 different forms and 3 attributes depending on bakugan series)

Heavy Metal (Pyrus,SubTerra,Aquos)Edit

This Gear Dragonoid looks like a translucent and metallic Delta Dragonoid with a metal ring in the middle. This one can be switched into Battle Gear mode through pulling just above and below the ring to lengthen the body and use the unfolded cannons on the back as battle gear. This has 700 Gs as a bakugan and 80 Gs as a battle gear.

Special Attack (Darkus,Ventus,Haos)Edit

This one looks like a solid and flipped color Blits Dragonoid. The hands are replaced by 2 blaster like appendages that are flipped out and loaded after switching into battle gear form. To switch it into battle gear form press the button on the back and when it boosts forward flip out a panel from between the feet,flip out the connectors, press the button on the panel and the cannons will flip out and should be loaded. Take the head and flip it into the space that is new to the bakugan and lock it in. Then the transformation is complete.

Bakugan FormEdit

This will be written after it appears in the story.


  • He has emotions
  • He is not considered a variation of dragonoid.
  • He is only referred to as a male by Sado and Kyle and is called It by everyone else.

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