Gamma Drago is Lash's true guardian bakugan and the second clone of Drago.His D.N.A was the leftovers from the creation of Omega Drago.


After losing their sixth brawl Lash began to beg the scientists to make him a clone of Drago like Kyle has. He was made an Omega Defective called Gamma Drago and went out to brawl Kyle. During their brawl Gamma Drago become Zeta Drago but only for seconds as he immediately became Apollo Drago which was a fusion of Apollonir and a Dragonoid. The battle ended quickly as Apollo Drago imploded from to much power.

He came back due to the Ultima-Zero core that granted his wish to help Zero Dragonoid,and Ultima Hydranoid defeat Wrath. He was sent back to Lash only seconds before Zero Dragonoid and Ultima Hydranoid used Ultima Zero Quad Cannon.

In Bakugan Wars Part 3 Lash brawls Fear and uses Gamma Drago as his new perfected form. They lose even when he becomes Apollo Drago.


(Only Gamma Drago can be used in brawls)

Gamma:700 Gs




(All are copies of Omega Dragos)

MechaD.:Gamma turns into a mechanical bakugan and gains 400 Gs

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