Freedom Dragonoid is a Bakugan that was trapped in the Doom Dimension for years. He finally broke free, but in doing so used up much of his power. The lack of power acted as a vacuum, drawing in the closest natural energy sources and thus transforming him into Freedom Dragonoid. He is found by Percy and Athens at the beginning of Bakugan: Darkness Rising.

G-Power: 1100

BakuNano: Copper Piercix: 150Gs


Freedom Dragonoid is a large dragon-like Bakugan. He has V-neck armor, as well as a green crystal, on his chest. He also has 4 wings. He doesn't remember anything from his past life or even being trapped in the Doom Dimension for so long. He wishes he could remember and often gets frustrated when he can't. He is extremely powerful in battle, but his full potential has yet to be unlocked.


Gaea's Flames: Heavy attack that heals the user.

Dragonoid Flare Burst:

Ozone Protecter: Blocks Abilities. (Bakugan still suffers from slight recoil when hit by a powerful attack.)

  • Perseus with Freedom Dragonoid on his left shoulder.
  • Freedom Dragonoid's BakuNano

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