Forgela MK 2 is the upgraded version of Forgela and is a sigma gear.


When Omega battled and defeated Forgela,he retreated back to Wrath. Forgela was given upgrades and became a completely new bakugan with none of the abilities of his original form. He and Haruk were both surprised about the upgrades and joined together to destroy Omega. Against Omega they both transformed into their Gear forms they transformed him into Ultimate Sigma Drago. With their power they caused him to destroy several cities in a rampage. When Sigma Helios reappeared in the form of Sigma Helios MK 2 he and Phi defeated Ultimate Sigma Drago and destroyed Forgela MK 2 and Haruk MK 2 in the process.

Abilities and GateEdit


  • Naval Burst:Absorb 300 Gs.
  • Sigma Cannon:Drains 500 Gs from opponent.
  • Latch On:Adds opponents G amount to his G power and lowers opponents Gs by 200.


  • Sigma Alliance:Allows Forgela MK 2 to bring Haruk MK 2 into battle

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