Forgela is a Sigma Gear.

Reference CardEdit


Pyrus Effect: Causes Opponent to lose current bakugan to User/Adds 200 Extra Gs if bakugan equipped with Forgela is below 800 Gs

Darkus:Flip a Coin to see if the bakugan equipped with Forgela could instantly win the battle.

Abilities and GatesEdit

  • Radiation Power Charger:Tranfers 200 gs from all opponents to Forgela.
  • 'Barrel Blaster :Adds 400 gs to Forgela.
  • Element Chamber:Nullify the opponents abillty.
  • Pyrus Striker:Adds 500 gs to Forgela.
  • Darkus Riot:Tranfers 300 gs from the opponent to Forgela.
  • Shiny Judgement:Nullifies all opponents abilltys.
  • Meteor Shower:Nullifies the opponents gate card.


  • The Farbros look alike is Forgela.

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