[This is a shortened version of the ending of Bakugan Clones?!

Omega and Hydro began to shed tears of joy even thought their lives were ending. They had saved all of the bakugan and humans. A Vestroia,New Vestroia,Ultima Vestroia and Earth were now safe. Omega closed his eyes and remembered the happy moments with Kyle. His tears became more rapid and became like shining rivers of sadness. Hydro remembered all of his good times with Sarah. They both began to smile and laugh as they were destroyed by their own ability. The scream of defeat from Wrath comforted them in their final moments. 'Kyle....Im going to miss you.' Omega thought to himself. 'Sarah....Goodbye.' Thought Hydro. Then a burst of light cascaded over them and the Ultima-Zero core lingering inside of them both exploded in a magnificent display of power and emotion. The battle was finally over....or was it.

"We may return someday." The voices were heard by all of our human heroes and their guardians. Kyle and his mother Sarah began to cry tears as the voices began to get quieter and quieter until they silenced. Naga Skyress who was in bakugan form was crying as well when the voices silenced. Many bakugan who had met Omega and Hydro were crying all the tears they could when the voices silenced. Bakugan everywhere knew what the price of saving the lives of millions was. It was one that was unforgettable and brave. It was the sacrifice of life.

The end.

"Im not going to be beaten that easily." A strange voice said. A humanoid creature walked into a strange area with no ground but nothingness. He was a strange and demonic cross between a bakugan and a human. It was the enemy Omega and Hydro died to defeat. It was....Wrath.

Another figure appeared in the clearing. 2 actually, Blaze and Jason, the two top Brawlers that were certain to defeat Wrath.

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