Fearinoid is Toby's guardian bakugan. He is nicknamed Fearo.


  • Attribute: Ventus
  • Power: 700Gs
  • Owner: Toby


Fearinoid is a masked bird-like bakugan. He can talk. He is always wanting to fight and start fights. He teases the opponent when they lose. He's a show-off like his partner. He has a diamond on his chest similar to Drago's.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Masked Bird: Adds 100Gs to Fearinoid
  • Winds of Ventus: Paraylizes opponent for the next 3 attacks
  • Storms of the Sky: Transfers 150 Gs from opponent to Fearinoid
  • Fearinoid's Vengence: Subtracts 100Gs from opponent
  • Wing Fury: Adds 100Gs to Fearinoid

Fusion AbilitiesEdit

  • Big Break: Nullifies the opponent's ability

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