You may be looking for the Bakugan of the same name from Bakugan Wars

Fear is a Bakugan of unknown attribute and one of the Orb Monsters used by Jade.


Fear is a bakugan that was used by Jade long ago to destroy her village and the villagers who executed her father. He joined her due to her extreme fear of being executed herself.

When Jade came back she attempted to take back her sleeping Orb Monsters from Pearl.



In ball form Fear opens unlike any other Bakugan. Three spots in the middle of the front of the ball hide 3 dragon heads that come out of them. 2 tail like parts come out of the back. There are pegs that are used to connect to other Orb Monsters. Wings come out as a straight line then 4 segments fold out from each that resemble skeletal wings. There are 6 pairs of feet that need to be folded out.

In bakugan form Fear looks like a 3 headed dragon. It walks on 6 spider-like legs. On it's back it has a pair of skeletal wings that allow complete flight. It also has 3 demonic dragon heads attached to a long neck.

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