Extream Wolfox is a version of Wolfox.It's ball form looks like Helix dragonoid. He has the Atomic Power and the Cyborg Power.&nbsp

He is a dice thrower Bakugan.



Here, I'll make some abilities for you.

Normal AbilitiesEdit

  • Fox Glare: Paralyzes opponent
  • Extream Dash: opp- 500 Gs
  • Fox Charge: + 600 Gs
  • Fox Protection:Nullifies opp. abilities and gate opp.-600gs

Fusion AbilitiesEdit

  • Fox Beam: Transfers 700 Gs
  • Uni-Force:adds 1000 gs for every bakugan on the field

Atomic AbilitiesEdit

  • Atomic Fox: + 900 Gs

Cyber abilitiesEdit

  • Fox Turbine:Stops Wolfox's power from decreasing and adds 300gs
  • A.R.U.S.:nullifies all abilities with no exeption and makes Wolfox 100gs higher than opp.
  • Maxus Fox Gear:Removes all opp. additional items and summons Glotrnoid,Raptorix and Triple Striker to wolfox side
  • C.B.S.2:allows wolfox to use all opp. abilities

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