Eons (Eons Dragonoid) is a dragon that created the Bakugan universe. He often appears in Drago's dreams giving him advice and info. He tends to speck in riddles. He appears as a black blazing shadow of a dragon with deep red eyes. Every time he has appeard, he has appeard in an endless white field. Sometimes this field is covord in snow, or white grass.

According to the story he met a dragon named Perfect. Eons gave Perfect great power, which after time corrupted pPerfect. Perfect split into two personalities, a dark and a light. His power destroyed his body and he became the Perfect Core of Vestroia. It was Eons who made sure that Perfect would not disappear. Later Perfect's split personalities caused the perfect core to split into the infinity core and the silent core.

Though he seams like an evil dragon Eons is a very kind hearted dragon. He also helped the two origanal dragon bakugan, Dharaknoid and Dragonoid grow up when they where young. Eons has the power to creat evolution. Though he has no season that bases after him he will apear in many seasons aiding Drago with advice and info. Every time he appears you can notice more details about him. (example: first he is just a shadow on the wall, later he is a three-dimensional shadow). Only once has he appeared as a white shadow with a black backround. Though he normaly appears in a white field he has a place to himself that looks like a green grass hill with one big tree in the center, Drago has been there once.

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