emporer dragotar is cadens former partner and third evolution of dragotar he has six wings that propell him through the air and keep him in place while using abilities his tail has a mace at the end that can shatter a mechanical bakugans shell he is blue and gold with red implants and long,long legs, his crystal connecting him to the grand core is always emmiting energy and thus he is a very powerful bakugan ,with vast powers he has razorsharp claws

In episode 40 of bakugan new vestroia: the other side dragotar evolves from knight dragotar to emporer dragotar while battling helios MK2

in episode 41 emporer dragotardefeats helios by hurling him out of the vestal destroyer, and then slams it on top of him


dragonburst: dragotars most powerful ability adds 1000 gs to dragotar, reguires signifigant time to recharge

dragon breakshield makes a giant sheild around dragotar and blocks out all abilities period for a certain time

fire fire granduer adds 500 gs to dragotar

rocky blader adds 400 gs to dragotar

dragon clawer adds 490 gs to dragotar

dragon blast cancels out opponents abilities and transfers 300 gs from enemy to emporer dragotar

dragon horn takes 400 away from opponent

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