Emeraldhead Grakas Hound is a Mechanical Bakugan Trap


Emeraldhead Grakas Hound is a dog-like Mechanical Bakugan Trap that is primarily white, with shiny green head and tail. It has got very pointy shiny teeth that it can use to damage very badly enemies and opponents.


During Mechtanium Surge's events, a clone of the Mechanical Bakugan Trap Grakas Hound was sent by Vestals on a planet that was said to be inhabitated by Bakugan. Despite it was sent as a probe to find information, one day a meteorie landed on the planet. In that meteorite was also a virus that fused with Grakas Hound that evolved into this new, indistructible form that, unlike other Mechanical Bakuan had an own will.


Ability CardsEdit

Ability Card's name Effect Type Attribute
Darkus Seeker Reflects the opponent's attack and adds 100 Gs to Emeraldhead Grakas Hound. Ability Card Darkus
Vacuum Surge Transfers 300 Gs from the opponent to Emeraldhead Grakas Hound. Ability Card Darkus

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