Power Level 540 Gs, 550 Gs

Drought is a Bakugan similar to Dryoid, which was created after Vincent had found a way to hack into Professor Clay's information network, therefore recovering information regarding the various Mechanical Bakugan. Using the blueprints for Dryoid, Vincent was able to create a version of his own; one that lacks in overall power, but compensates for it with more versatile abilities. The Bakugan itself seems to be very unstable, and energy often leaks out. As a direct result of this, it can occasionally electrocute someone when in ball form.

Drought has many of the features Dryoid possessed, but it possessed stronger armor, operating systems, and even a stronger power core. However, it is very unstable. Its core is shown to release energy at inopportune times, often resulting in electrocution or other unsavory effects. Drought was eventually destroyed in a battle against Jason.

Later, after Vincent had his first battle with Jason, he had repaired him, sending all of his stray currents into shields, blades, and other weapons. By doing this, his G-Power was also increased, but only by a small amount, it also incresed the power of some of his abilties, making his g-power more balanced.Afterwards, in his second brawl, the reroutings were fried, and caused a huge output of power, destroying Drought. This was caused by over-pressure from a triple ability, sending Vincent back a few weeks in developement.


  • Dry Land: Negate The Opponents gate Card, Transfer 50gs from every bakugan on the field.
  • Land Blow: Transfers 400gs from one opponents bakugan.
  • Coal Shot: Drop All Opponents Bakugan to 0gs.
  • Dry Blade: Adds 500gs.
  • Energy Blow: This Bakugan Is Dropped to 0gs, Negate all of the opponent abilities, Halve Their g-power.
  • Dessert Dealer: Change The gate Card to Subterra Reactor, Add 20gs to each opponents bakugan.
  • Atomic Rush: Stops the opponents abilities from affecting Drought.
  • Atom Reflection: Reflects the opponents ability.
  • FARBAS DT: Repairs all Damage done to Drought, brings Drought to the opponents power level. Certain Battle Data required.
  • Sand Storm:Transfers 300gs. Requires Land Blow to be Active.
  • Ash Blow: Adds 550gs. Requires Coal Shot to Be Active.
  • Barren Blade: Adds 500gs to Drought. Fuses with Dry Blade.
  • Lightning Blade: Transfers 250gs from each opponent. Fuses with Dry Blade.


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