"Draconix" Is a pyrus bakugan used by Kai In "Bakugan: Battle League" It Is A Dragon Like Bakugan From New Vestroia.


  • Long Ago After Dharaknoid And Dragonoid Made genes draconix mysteriously appeared In Vestroia, After Nagas Attack It Landed On New Vestroia And It Said It Remembered something from the past and it was important. He Then Fell To Earth And Has Gotten A Glowing Mark Which Kai And Draconix Haven't Found Out How he got it yet Now He Is Kais Bakugan.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Blaze Judgement (Ultimate)
  • Hyper Glow Exceed
  • Dragonic Scorch
  • Dragonic Ogre (Special)
  • Dual Slash
  • Dragon Storm


  • Draconix Resembles Drago In Some Way.

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