Double Dragonoid (also known as D.D.) is a variation of Dragonoid and the evolution of Sky & Gaia Dragonoid.


In ball form D.D. barely resembles Sky & Gaia Dragonoid. When he opens a bakugan flips off the top and the bottom bakugan resembles a cross between a Helix Dragonoid and a Naga. The bottom resembles the front part of Dartakk but is put into the style of a basic Bakugan.

Its bakugan form is similar. The bottom Bakugan is just a cross between a Helix Dragonoid and a Naga. The bottom is just a new version of the front part of Dartaak.



D.D. is used by Scrape against Klara and it defeats her Nuke Dragonoid without abilities.

It is used again by Scrape against Kyle but loses to Omega as Crusher Dragonoid easily and Kyle gets D.D.

Kyle used D.D. against Wrath but it was sent to the Zero Dimension.


D.D. was released both in basic Bakugan form and Deka. It is only in the Pyrus attribute which altogether has 1200 Gs.


(When possible)


  • This is the last bakugan sent to the Zero Dimension.

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