When DarkShine uses the powers of the Divine Force, he becomes Divine DarkShine.


Here are his conditions and effects:

Divine Force Mode: This effect's activation is unaffected by your opponent. You can only use this effect during a battle in which the difference in Gs between DarkShine and the opponent Bakugan is 500 or more. DarkShine becomes Divine DarkShine. Up to three of the following effects is activated:

  • PowerMode 1: Divine DarkShine gains 200 Gs. During all battles this game, the effects/abilitys/genetic abilitys of your opponent's Bakugan are negated without any exceptions.
  • PowerMode 2: Divine DarkShine gains 200 Gs. Restore your HP to 100%.
  • PowerMode 3: Divine DarkShine gains 400 Gs, and is unaffected by your opponent's Ability Cards and Gate Cards.
  • PowerMode 4: Divine DarkShine gains 400 Gs. Gain the Attribute and effect/ability/genetic ability of your opponent's Bakugan without any exceptions until your next battle.

After the game, Divine DarkShine becomes DarkShine.

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