Demokro is a Darkus burst bakugan and Cora's guardian bakugan.


When Wrath created Final Cursh Demokro was sent to Cora and became her guardian bakugan. Demokro fights with many different strategies and tactics. When he and Cora discovered the truth that she was Wrath's daughter they still fought without hesitation. Demokro even allowed the use of the Sigma Gears Haruk and Forgela stolen by Cora from her father. He became Sigma Demokro and was the one who defeated Final Crush.Demokro now lives with Cora and her adopted parents.


Demokro resembles the toy version of Midnight Percival in ball form except with the color scheme of a burst bakugan and a different head,feet,and wing design.

In bakugan form he looks more like a cross between Helix Dragonoid and Alpha Percival. The main body and limbs resemble that of Alpha Percival and at the waist he has legs similar to those of Helix Dragonoid.The wings are those of a Lumino Dragonoid.He can utilize 2 swords with the use of the ability 'Chain Blade'.The coloration of a burst bakugan remains.


  • He is a species of bakugan that are the final evolution of the Percival line.
  • Demokro was the head of the strategies in the war against Fear.

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