Deltoid Cobraneer is the evolution of Cobraneer and much more powerful. His claws can rip through solid steel and his rotating discs spin to create tornadoes.

Form of Evolution: Natural Growth

Although he evolved through natural growth he had battled many times and didn't find a worthy opponent. He evolved when he finally beat a worthy opponent.

G's: 500

Ability Cards:

Techno Stealth: +300

Techno Charge: +100 to every Bakugan on your side including traps...

Techno Charge 2: Transfers 100 to each bakugan on your side from the bakugan on your opponents side

Octavian Magnitude:Transfers 300

Octavian Charge: Transfers 200, nullifies opponents ability

Octavian Blade: Nullifies opponents gate card and ability

Blade Stingerette: Transfers 100 from each opponent any time a opponent ability is played


Octavian Low Go: Opponent - 500

1st Appearence: Old Bakugan, New Tricks

1st Brawl: The Official News (episode 25)

Evolution: This Means Buisness (episode 39)

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