1. REDIRECT Please Delete: Template:Infobox CharacterTom Uraya (Nicknamed Death) is a Darkus/Ventus hybrid brawler and unknown adopted brother of Kyle
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    Death in his Costume


Death was born on May 16th to Jake Uraya and Kelly Uraya. After a year of being a normal newborn he began to act strange. He suddenly learned words that were demonic and unusual and his first word was "Satan." Death was loved still by his parents until he was 10. That year he was sent to an orphanage. Kyles parents decided to adopt him one day when they noticed him sitting on the orphanage's stairs depressed that he had been abandoned by his parents.Death was kept hidden from Kyle.

One day when the agents attacked his new family Death tried to protect them but to no avail. He was taken back to the Bakugan Cloning Project base and brainwashed into believing he had to destroy Kyle and Omega Drago. He was given a clone of Storm Skyress called Shadow Skyress. He brawled Kyle agressively when they crossed paths. Death lost and soon found the revived energies of the Silent and Infinity cores inside Blaze's Chance, during a battle in the Darkus Village. He powered up Shadow Skyress and after 2 more brawls with Kyle the mind control weared off. Death remembered how Kyle was family and gave him Naga Skyress(Shadow Skyress with power of Silent Core) and wished him good luck.

He has a crush on the brawler Aqua. She likes him as well.


Tom is a 12 Year Old boy with red hair, and Aqua Blue eyes. He always wear's his favorite yellow jacket, any color shirt, and Dark Blue Jeans. He has long gloves and on his right gloves he hits a button and his costume comes on.


He is married to Aqua and gave Naga Skyress to his son Taka.

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