Darkus Merdidagon BlazoidEdit

Tsukiyo's guardian Bakugan. It (He) is loyal to
Tsukiyo and it will do anything for him. Merdidagon is a male Bakugan, as mentioned.

This bakugan is the last of his kind.


  • Tsukiyomi Spin
  • Dark Breath
  • Dance of the God
  • Power Thrust


Power: 2400gEdit

Attribute: DarkusEdit


Merdidagon in Bakugan form:

He is a black dragon with hidden cyan lines. He has black scaly skin and he has six horns on his head. His eye is blue and his tail has a white fur in it. He has black wings and he has hands that of a eagle's but black.

Merdidagon in Ball form (Open/Closed):

In Open Form: He looks like his Bakugan form but with extra silver plates.

In Closed Form: He has Darkus attribute on his left and right. He has violet lines and triangles.

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