is the name of a collaborate experiment between Jason and Dr. Ray Fugas, which they devised as a way to empower the Bakugan of their allies and attempt to force evolution. The process involved bringing a Bakugan's hidden emotions to the surface, sending them into a more violent state. This first step is labeled Primal Stage, and the Bakugan currently in this stage are named "Primal (Bakugan's Name)", an example being Primal Terrorclaw.

The Primal Bakugan gain a small increase in power and perhaps an ability, but the Primal stage is extremely dangerous. During the Primal stage, a Bakugan, often encouraged by their owner, must suppress their inner darkness. Bakugan who are unable to do so remain as Primal Bakugan forever, as battle-craving weapons ruled by emotion. However, the lucky Bakugan who are able to suppress their emotions evolve a second time, to the X Stage, the best example being RavenoidX.

In the X stage, Bakugan have a rather large increase in power, and will almost certainly gain a new ability. Few Bakugan, however, have the willpower to reach the X stage, and often stay Primal. It is for this reason that Jason is reluctant to use this process.

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