Darkanoid was the powerful alien-like dragon who fused from Dhar-Ark and Catherine. He is Negetive Energy Bakugan who create the own Negetive Bakugan and act like a leadership. In Catherine Form, he is still has old skin, but two red eyes instead three red eyes. In true form, he was a clone version of Dharak and using Catherine's negetive energy to create own Bakugan which is inside a egg.


Darkanoid wears the mask-like Dhar-Ark and his skin morph into true form when he peel his old skin. Darkanoid are two form rather than Hydranoid and Shrine Helios.


In Negetive Energy Bakugan, He later evolved into Darkanoid after Dhar-Ark and Catherine fused. He revealed as the true form and become the Negetive Energy Bakugan. He easily defeat Dharak and Samuel and Darkanoid become King Darkanoid by himself.

Attack Cards when transformed into Catherine form

  • Doom Luster
  • Black Stinger

Attack Cards when transformed into his true form

  • Darkus Doom Luster
  • Dark Stinger
  • Silent Crusher


  • Darkanoid is only Bakugan who cannot destroyed or deceased.
  • He can only Negetive Energy Bakugan who becoming King Darkanoid.

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