DarkShine is a Bakugan, the current holder of the powers of the Divine Force, and the Guardian Bakugan of the protagonist of the 0000 Ark, Cyan.


Originaly DarkShine was a Darkus Robotalion. As Robotalion, he got destroyed by a Dark Force, and got re-created as this Cyber Bakugan by the Divine Force. As a Cyber Bakugan, he gained the power of the Divine Force, and applied himself the mission to protect New Vestroia from Dark Forces with his life. During one of his battles against a Dark Force, he got roughly teleported to Earth, where he was found by a young boy named Cyan. From the shock that DarkShine felt during the teleportation he could not open or say something during the same day. On the next day, he woke-up Cyan, and explained him everything. They became friends, and Darkshine became Cyan's Guardian Bakugan. During the worst moments, DarkShine gains the powers of the Divine Force. At that moment he becomes Divine DarkShine .

Ability CardsEdit

DarkBlock: The opponent cannot use any ability cards the battle this card is activated.

ShiningHeal: DarkShine's G-Power becomes his original (printed) G-Power. You gain +25% HP.

DarknessDamage: Decrease DarkShine's G-Power by 200. Gain control of 1 opponent's used Ability Card.

VirtualRage: DarkShine gains 400 G-Power only during this battle. Negate all opponent's Special Treatments for the turn this card is activated.

VirtualZero: Only for this battle, both DarkShine and the opponent's Bakugan G-Power become 0.

VirtualStar: Only for this battle, DarkShine gains G-Power equal to his original (printed) G-Power.

VirtualSaber: DarkShine gains 200 Gs. The opponent cannot play any Ability Cards the turn this card is activated.

Fusion Ability CardsEdit

S.B.T.R.: DarkShine's Attribute becomes Subterra. Gains 150 Gs. The effect of an opponent Gate Card is negated this turn.

A.Q.S. : DarkShine's Attribute becomes Aquos. Gains 150 Gs. The opponent cannot activate any Ability Cards this turn.

P.R.S.: DarkShine's Attribute becomes Pyrus. Gains 150 Gs. The effects of the opponent's Ability Cards are negated this turn.

V.N.T.S.: DarkShine's Attribute becomes Ventus. Gains 150 Gs. The effects of all the opponent's Special Treatment Bakugan are negated this turn.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Main Article: Divine DarkShine

Divine Force Mode: This effect's activation is unaffected by your opponent. You can only use this effect during a battle in which the difference in Gs between DarkShine and the opponent Bakugan is 500 or more. DarkShine becomes Divine DarkShine. Up to three of the following effects is activated:

  • PowerMode 1: Divine DarkShine gains 200 Gs. During all battles this game, the effects/abilities/genetic abilities of your opponent's Bakugan are negated without any exceptions.
  • PowerMode 2: Divine DarkShine gains 200 Gs. Restore your HP to 100%.
  • PowerMode 3: Divine DarkShine gains 400 Gs, and is unaffected by your opponent's Ability Cards and Gate Cards.
  • PowerMode 4: Divine DarkShine gains 400 Gs. Gain the Attribute and effect/ability/genetic ability of your opponent's Bakugan without any exceptions until your next battle.

After the game, Divine DarkShine becomes DarkShine.

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