DC is a Dragonoid Colossus. He is found by Pyrus-X in the Core. He is extremely powerful, with 5050g. He is the wisest Bakugan ever. He was there when his home dimension was terminated. He was there when his people were abducted. He is the only Bakugan that the Exterminators could not catch. He took a few younger Bakugan with him, and they hid in the Core. Over time they began to grow in power. Soon they had reached insanely high G-powers. DC will meet Pyrus-X and join him, leaving the oldest Bakugan in charge.

Ability Cards

  • Colossus Fire (sets the hole arena on flames, and adds 4000g to DC)
  • Fire Blast (DC shoots Fire at his opponent and he gains 2090g)
  • Axator (?)
  • Beamblitzer (?)
  • Nukix (?)
  • Blasteroid (?)
  • ???

Little is known about him at this time.

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