Cyan (Kiyan) is a character, and the protagonist in the 0000 Ark.


Cyan had a normal childhood. His first Bakugan ever was a Darkus Laserman. He found that Bakugan, while was returning home from school, hardly damaged, and almost alive. His father, Mr. Tohiro, was a scientist, and a doctor, so he repaired that Laserman. From that day Cyan and Laserman were best friends. However, one day a stranger challanged Cyan and Laserman to a battle. The stranger won by cheating, and in the battle destroyed Laserman entirely, leaving from him only dust. For Cyan, that was the saddest day of his life, and he promised himself, that one day he will avenge the lost of Laserman. Two years after that, while he was returning from school, he found a strange-looking closed Bakugan . When he got home, that Bakugan would not open or say something, but just remained as a closed ball. On the next day, Cyan was woken-up by something, which said to him to wake up. That was that Bakugan, who seemed very friendly, and said "Hello" to Cyan. The bakugan introduced himself as DarkShine, a Cyber Bakugan that battled a unknown evil in New Vestroia, but in the process got roughly teleported to this world. From the rough teleport, he was quite shocked, so he couldn't open or say something. Cyan and DarkShine became friends, and DarkShine became Cyan's Guardian Bakugan.

Later in an attempt to defeat the Neutral Core, he was sent in out of any dimensions and removed from any time. He was there for Infinity, thus his mind evolved and he transformed into Strike.

Ability CardsEdit

Breeze Shift: Substract up to 300 Gs from each Bakugan on the field. Then, you can select 1 Bakugan you control. It gains Gs equal to half the substracted value.

Transffer Heal: Select 1 Bakugan you control, and decrease it's G-Power up to 500 Gs. For each 100 Gs decreased, you gain 10% HP.

Cosmic Flash: 1 Bakugan you control gains 800 Gs only during this battle.

Divine Judgment: You can only play this ability if you control a Bakugan which controls the powers of the Divine Force. Select and activate 1 of your used Abilities. Increase the G-Power of 1 Divine Bakugan you control by 1000 Gs for each of both players' used abilities. No other abilities can be played during the turn this card is activated (except the Ability activated by this card's effect). Also, only 1 Power Mode can be activated if this card is used.


  • Cyan's name comes from his Blue-eyes.

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