Cross Helios
Helios Stand BMK
General Information
Bakugan Type Cross Helios
Attribute Aquos
Power Level 1200g
Evolutions Viper Helios
Cyborg Helios
Maxus Helios
Helios MK2
Maxus Helios MK2
Infinity Helios
Delta Helios
Ultimate Helios
Maxus Ultimate Helios
Neo Helios
Cross Helios
Helix Helios
Maxus Helix Helios
Helios MK3
Maxus Helios MK3
Helios MK4
Maxus Helios MK4
Lumino Helios
Cyclone Helios
Blitz Helios
Titanium Helios
Fusion Helios
Maxus Fusion Helios
Final Helios
Maxus Final Helios
Voice Actor Rob Tinkler
First Appearance Mechtanium Knights (Episode)

Cross Helios is an Aquos Helios from Vestal in Bakugan: Mechtanium Knights. He is Bryce Bowman's Guardian Bakugan.


His ball form looks exactly like Infinity Helios'. His Stand Form looks like Infinity Helios but with four large wings.


Helios is a very powerful Bakugan who knows it. He's not likely to back down from any fight, especially with Bryce battling along side him. He trusts Bryce in a way that can only be described as pure insanity. He fights without mercy, but is actually very compassionate with friends, much like his Partner.

While on the field, he unleashes devastating attacks with incredible force. Off the field, he jokes around more and is fairly laid back.

Battle DetailsEdit

Current Power Level: 1200g

Ability CardsEdit

  • Depth Quasar (Death Quasar) - Transfer 200g automatically and transfer 500g on impact. Added effect on Cross Helios Character Card - Power Level Surge (Power doubled plus additional 100g for every impact on an opponent)
  • Infinity Force Striker - Negate opponent's ability and transfer 200g to Helios on impact
  • Infinity Screen - Negate opponent's ability
  • Infinity Hammer - Negate opponent's ability with a chance to negate future abilities (1/X where X = Number of abilities negated)
  • Farnum Cannon - Subtract 300g from opponent's Bakugan
  • Infinity Buster - Transfer 100g from the opponent's Bakugan to Helios
  • Metal Quasar - Add 300g to Helios
  • X-Wing Metallica - Transfers power gained by an Opponent's ability from the Opponent to Helios

Gate CardsEdit

  • Character Helios
  • Infinite Core
  • Evolution Merge
  • Battle Standing



  • Silver Bombaplode - Bombaplode Destruction

Mobile AssaultEdit

  • Jakalier - Jakalier Missle

Battle SuitEdit

  • Blasterate - Blasterate Pods


  • Aquos Slynix

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