Cobraneer is a Bakugan that resembles a cobra and a high tech ninja. He is a very powerful Ventus Bakugan that gains power on wind itself. He specializes in stealth attacks, close combat, and defensive countering. He serves under Ethan of the Conquerers



Deltoid Cobraneer

Spin Cobraneer

Max Cobraneer

Ion Cobraneer

Hydro Cobraneer

Cobraneer Vortex

Chance Cobraneer

Digital Cobraneer

Shredder Cobraneer

Magic Cobraneer

Cyborg Cobraneer

Cobraneer MK2

Organic Cobraneer (after his mechanical parts were removed)

Mutant Cobranner (possibly)

Falconix (Special evolution)


G's: 400

Owner: Ethan Stone

Ability Cards

Windy Stealth: + 200

Big Bang Drop: Opponent - 200

Windy Summoning: Transfers 100

Octavian Blade: Transfers 200

Octavian Arrow: Nullifies gate card

Negative Arrow: Nullifies opponent ability


Octavian Charge Magnitude (choose attribute) (Windy Maxima (choose attribute):+300 can only be nullified by the attribute you choose

1st Appearance: The Seige at the Great Palace Part 1 (episode 1 of New Revolution)

1st Brawl: The Seige of the Great Palcae Part 2

Evolution: Old Bakugan, New Tricks (episode 23)

Bakugan: Ultimate EvilEdit

He is schedguled to appear in Bakugan: Ultimate Evil. If he does, he will be owned by Evan, a new charcter to the series. He will have somehow came under the allience of Evan sometime after the events of Bakugan: New Revolution. It is rumored that he will be in his Mutant Cobraneer form, an evolution of Organic Cobraneer. He might first appear in Episode 10: The Loner, and that he will battle Sellon. Still, this episode is a flashback episode that tells about how Sellon came to be working for Mag Mel and Razenoid.

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