The Cloning Process is how clone bakugan are made. This describes the process and how defectives are born.

Cloning Process part 1Edit

First you need to get a D.N.A sample of a bakugan.Then you would insert the sample into a machine and wait for it to finish processing data.

Defective Info 1Edit

If there is a tainted bit of D.N.A in the sample the clone could become a defective and the machine where you insert the sample finds that info

Cloning Process part 2Edit

You would then take the clean D.N.A and process it in the cloning machine. You would select 2 attributes for the clone. One attribute is pre-selected from the D.N.A and one more is selected by the person making the clone.

Defective Info 2Edit

Selecting wrong and mismatched attributes could make a defective. An attribute selection of Pyrus and Aquos will come out a defective

Cloning Process part 3Edit

You then begin the process and a clone comes out of a pod connected to the machine used and then you name it

Defective info 3Edit

The exposure to something that entered the pod before/during the cloning process could make a defective appear.

Omega DefectiveEdit

An Omega Defective is a defective who has a defect which causes a completely different arrangement of D.N.A strands and becomes its own entity while keeping the original entitys appearence

List of Defectives and Omega DefectivesEdit


Helios Deceased
Dragonoid Deceased
Dragonoid Deceased
Dragonoid Deceased
Dragonoid Deceased
Dragonoid Alive (See Omega Defectives)
Storm Skyress Alive (See Omega Defectives)
Helios Alive (See Omega Defectives)
Tigrerra Deceased
Apollonir Deceased
Apollonir Deceased
Apollonir Deceased
Wavern Deceased
Naga Deceased
Naga Deceased
Naga Deceased
Hydranoid Deceased
Wontu Deceased
Blitz Dragonoid


Human/Bakugan Hybrid 1 (Leaders daughter and first organism generation experiment) Alive (Adopted from orphanage after becoming a defective)

Omega Defectives

Omega Helios Alive
Omega Drago Alive
Naga Skyress Alive

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